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Context aims to develop the humanitarian skills and leadership competencies of existing staff at national level. It is the result of the Capacity Building Programme 2010-2012, under the Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies (CBHA.).

The aim of this inter-agency initiative was to develop, pilot, and make available, a set of core training resources to strengthen the ability of the humanitarian sector to respond more effectively to emergencies.

Context learning materials are based on the Core Humanitarian Competencies Framework and outline curriculum agreed by the 15 CBHA member agencies in 2010.

> Click here to view and download a copy of the Core Humanitarian Competencies Framework.

The underlying assumptions of Context are:

  1. That contexts and types of disasters vary between regions but that the skills required to manage these disasters are broadly similar.
  2. When an individuals’ skills and competencies are strengthened and applied at work, this strengthens organisational capacity and performance, which in turn has a positive impact on the communities that the organisation works with and for.

These materials have been built using the best of existing staff development resources from a range of agencies (see Acknowledgements). They can be tailored to the specific situations where they are to be delivered.

They are fully available to the humanitarian sector and may be freely copied, distributed, transmitted and adapted strictly for non-profit, non-commercial use and provided that reference is made to Context and the CBHA Humanitarian Capacity Building Programme as their source.

For further information on replicating these programme please contact Christina Schmalenbach on behalf of CBHA at