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The Two Learning Programmes

Both the Core Skills Development Programme and the Management & Leadership Skills Development Programme promote universal humanitarian standards and best practice, tailored to a specific local context. They provide a long-term, mixed-method, active learning, reflection and development process for individuals, supported by their line manager. 

Context Programmes endeavor to build and strengthen trust between participants and to create a sense of community over the six- to nine-month duration. This helps to:

  • Enable learning and knowledge to be applied in the workplace in a methodical and structured way
  • Provides enough time for new skills to be practiced,
  • Encourages reflection and peer accountability
  • Allows new behaviours to become embedded, increasing the likelihood that positive change will be sustained.

Overall programme design is based on a set of learning principles and guidelines, but implementation will look and feel different each time - depending on where it is used, the participant mix, and the humanitarian context it serves.

The methods used build on knowledge and practice from inside and outside the humanitarian sphere; they aim to reveal experience, reflect on it, place it in a wider context and either deepen the perspective or simply endorse it (for example, ‘What you did there was a good example of dealing with stress’).

The Learning Programmes are NOT designed as:

  • A set of ‘pick up and go’ materials that can be used without preparation
  • A one-off course or stand-alone workshop
  • Something designed to assess participants
  • Technical training, with agency-specific content
  • A training-of-trainers course
  • A route to becoming an international humanitarian worker.

Full details and further information about these Learning Programmes can be found in Chapter 4 of the Context Programme Guide.