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 ‘More rounded humanitarians with a broadened outlook’

All the materials to run a Context programme are freely available to access and download through this website. Supporting documents take you step by step through the process, from deciding which programme to run, to planning and preparing pre-workshop materials through to evaluating the outcome.

The Programme Guide will help you decide whether you want to deliver all, or selected, elements. It will explain the different steps you need to take and key issues to be aware of. To view or download a copy of the Programme Guide, please click here.

Documentation is clear to follow and expertly presented; it includes graphical diagrams of timelines, and helps you see where individual roles fit in, whether as an administrator, participant or facilitator. Click on The Learning Journey above to see the different stages and scheduling, and the roles of those involved, in planning workshops or coaching participants.

You can login as a user to view and access course content. You can choose to download the full course content, or individual sections. For instance, if you have chosen the Core Skills Development Programme, locate the ‘Core’ folder and download the complete set of documentation, or individual ‘phased’ segments specific to their function e.g. administration, power points, or workbooks.

Programme materials are separated according to different roles, whether an administrator, coordinator or facilitator. Having registered via the ‘content and login’ tab, you can access all the materials for each role in both programmes.

You can also login and navigate to a specific item of interest: content is divided into phased folders that correspond to the timeline of each programme. Within these folders there are sub-folders, for instance: > Core, >Phase 1, >Administrators, or >Phase 2, >Administrators.

Additional complementary material is available, including posters, banners and handouts to help with promotion.

More information can be found in Chapter 4 of the Programme Guide.