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Using the Context site

This site allows access to all Context training materials through one, easy-to-use, portal.

Registered users can see different options for downloading materials, however a full download is recommended before running a programme to ensure that all content is safely captured and so that users can review materials before starting their Context programme.

Individual files and copies of each item may be accessed at any time.
To access Context content, simply register via the 'Context content and login' tab and follow the instructions to navigate to the required content. It is recommended that downloaded content should be stored locally and a back-up made for future reference.
The majority of content is in Word and PowerPoint format and is editable, in order to serve the user's criteria.

Using the Context
Programme Guide

The Context Programme Guide explains each stage and feature of Context programmes. It describes the background, implementation and benefits of the Core Skills Development Programme and the Management & Leadership Skills Development Programme.

  • In ten clearly written chapters it includes:
  • Background to Context
  • Full information about the two learning Programmes
  • How to coordinate a Programme
  • Budgeting
  • Selecting participants
  • Organising venues
  • Running and delivering workshops

Reviewing the Programme Guide is the most comprehensive and effective way to fully appreciate all the benefits Context offers.