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The Context Programmes

‘The most important thing is the newly gained ability to think of the scaling-up process as an integrated process, instead of a set of piecemeal measures. Human resources, security issues, logistics, planning, coordination, preparation, equipment, and linkages with other stakeholders: it all needs to be considered.’ (a Context participant)

Context programmes support the development of key behavioural skills set out in the Core Humanitarian Competencies Framework.
They seek to support a change in behavior whereby participants are active learners who develop over the course of the programme with the engagement of their line manager.
Case studies and emergency situations are contextualized to mirror real situations and to help participants acquire new insights or tools to apply in their jobs.

The Core Skills Development Programme runs over six months, and the Management & Leadership Skills Development Programme over nine months. Learning is mainly ‘on the job’ and requires participation in two or three five day Workshops.
Key principles are:

  1. Inter-agency approach promoting exchange of experience
  2. Applying learning in context
  3. Active participation
  4. Line manager involvement
  5. Structured reflection
  6. Dynamic methodologies
  7. Appropriate accountability
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